Learn About

  1. Clinical Services

    The Clinical Services section supports nutritional and preventive health services for Shelby County residents. Learn about the services provided at the Shelby Health Department Public Health Clinics.

  2. Field Services

    Find asbestos, land clearing, mold and Stage 1 pollution control information and regulations.

  3. Immunizations

  4. Maternal & Child Health (MCH)

    The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Program provides a continuum of care for pregnant and parenting women.

  5. Memphis Area Rideshare Program

    Memphis Area Rideshare has partnered with vRide, Inc. to provide the Memphis Area an interactive social network for commuters. Whether you carpool, vanpool, bike, or ride transit to work, there are resources here to get you started.

  6. Mumps

  7. Pollution Control Programs

    The Pollution Control Section is directed to maintain the purity of the air and water resources in Shelby County, and to protect the health, general welfare, and physical property citizens.

  8. Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program

    The Shelby County Health Department’s Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program (PHEPP) identifies, assesses and responds to public health threats to Shelby County and neighboring counties in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi.

  9. Tuberculosis Control & Elimination Program

    Shelby County averages about 50 cases of tuberculosis a year. Although in more recent years, Shelby County’s numbers have declined, we are still readily treating new tuberculosis disease cases and tuberculosis infections.

  10. Vector Control Program

    The purpose of the Vector Control Program is to reduce environmental public health threats associated with mosquito and rat infestations in Memphis and Shelby County.