Pollution Control Programs

  1. Air Planning

    The Air Planning Branch is responsible for the development of State Implementation Plans, the adoption and establishment of local air pollution rules and regulations, the development of emissions inventories of all sources of air pollution in the County, and reporting the daily air quality forecast.

  2. Air Pollution Control

    The Air Pollution Control Branch is tasked with protecting the air resources of Shelby County through construction/operating permit programs, facility inspections and testing, and enforcing violations of air regulations.

  3. Air Pollution Control Code

    View a listing of the Memphis/Shelby County Air Pollution Control Codes.

  4. Air Quality Improvement

    The Air Quality Improvement Branch works closely with the Metropolitan Planning Organization to carry out projects to improve air quality in our community.

  5. Ambient Air Monitoring

    The Ambient Air Monitoring Branch monitors for air quality throughout Shelby County. The Branch develops, operates and maintains a regional air monitoring network of 23 monitors at seven site locations.

  6. Clean Air Outreach & Education Program

    The goal of the Clean Air Outreach and Education program is to improve public awareness on clean air, transportation alternatives, and air quality through public education and outreach.

  7. Memphis Area Rideshare Program

    Memphis Area Rideshare has partnered with vRide, Inc. to provide the Memphis Area an interactive social network for commuters. Whether you carpool, vanpool, bike, or ride transit to work, there are resources here to get you started.

  8. Field Services

    Find asbestos, land clearing, mold and Stage 1 pollution control information and regulations.

  9. Water Quality & Septic Tank Program

    Learn more about obtaining permits for water well functions and septic tanks.

  10. Air Pollution Control Public Notices

    A monthly list of applications received for construction, modification, or initial filing.

  11. Air Pollution Control Public Hearing Notices

    Public Hearing notices for the Memphis and Shelby County Air Board Meetings.