Field Services

  1. Asbestos

    Because of potentially serious health risks of asbestos exposure, the Air Pollution Control Section of Shelby County Health Department regulates demolition and renovation activities involving asbestos-containing materials in the Memphis/Shelby County area.

  2. Mold

    Molds are fungi that can grow almost anywhere. Fortunately, for most individuals, mold does not cause serious health concerns. However, molds do have the potential to cause health problems, particularly in people who are sensitive to it.

  3. Open Burning / Land Clearing Contractors

    Open burning in Shelby County is prohibited. Exceptions can be granted under specific conditions that do not interface with the maintenance of acceptable air quality or create a public nuisance.

  4. Stage I Vapor Recovery Control

    To protect air quality in the Memphis and Shelby County area, the Air Pollution Control Section of the Shelby County Health Department enforces local air quality regulations. Stage I Vapor Recovery Control is required during the transfer of gasoline from trucks to storage tanks.