Water Quality & Septic Tank Program

  1. Monitoring Wells & Soil Boring Permitting Process

    A construction permit is required for monitoring wells, soil borings, recovery wells, sparge wells, observation wells, geoprobe work or other wells used in a remediation effort process at a site within Shelby County. For any repair, modification or abandonment of any type structure at a site, an abandonment permit is required for the work.

  2. Septic Tank Permitting Process

    Any person proposing to construct, alter, extend or repair a subsurface sewage disposal system as well as engage in the business of removing accumulated wastes from any system or site within Shelby County must secure a permit.

  3. Water Well Permitting Process

    Any person in Shelby County requesting the installation, modification, repair, or abandonment of a water well or any other type well shall make an application to the Water Quality Branch and Septic Tank Program.