Health Planning and Promotion

  1. Child Car Seat Program

    For a nominal fee, the Child Car Seat Program provides convertible car seats to all eligible pregnant women and/or children living in the Shelby County area who meet the program eligibility criteria.

  2. Health and Wellness Section

    The Health and Wellness Section provides health education to inform and empower citizens to make healthy lifestyle decisions.

  3. TennCare Community Outreach

    TennCare Community Outreach conducts outreach to promote well-child and health check-ups for families with kids on TennCare from birth to age 21.

  4. TennCare Presumptive Medicaid Program

    This program provides TennCare Medicaid enrollment coverage for pregnant women to encourage early entry into prenatal care, and for women diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer for access to early medical services for treatment.

  5. Tennessee Breast & Cervical Cancer Program

    The Tennessee Breast and Cervical Cancer Program provides free mammograms and pap tests for all eligible women living in the Shelby County area.