About Us

Improving Our Quality of Life

The Shelby County Health Department believes we can make a difference as we strive to become the healthiest and safest community in Tennessee. Our mission is to promote, protect and improve the health and environment of all Shelby County residents. 

Unlike the personal health care system, which focuses on individuals, our focus is on the health of all people in the community. We place special emphasis on:
  • Environmental health (such as air quality and water)
  • Epidemiology 
  • Health education
  • Maternal and child health
  • School health 
  • Restaurant and Food Service Establishment Permit Fee Schedules – State and Local
The Shelby County Health Department promotes public health practices to safeguard and improve the quality of life for approximately 900,000 residents in Shelby County. 

Department Responsibilities 

With the support of dedicated and skilled public health employees, the Shelby County Health Department is committed to: 
1. Closing the gaps in health status and access to care among our community's diverse populations;
2. Fostering current and building additional partnerships with local health agencies, public and private agencies, community-based      
    coalitions, providers, consumers, educational / academic institutions, and other interested groups;
3. Improving the quality and cultural sensitivity of the health-related operations, services, and programs;
4. Providing leadership in effort to reform health care into a coordinated, accountable, and affordable system that emphasizes access to
    appropriate preventive measures and high-quality services;
5. Reducing the occurrence of preventable disease and premature death among all Shelby County residents.

We look forward to providing information on current health issues affecting our community and invite you to browse our website and learn more about the Shelby County Health Department.