At this time, Zika cases in Shelby County are the result of travelers returning from countries where Zika virus is prevalent. As the mosquito that can carry Zika becomes more prevalent in Shelby County, it will be essential for Shelby County residents to take the appropriate precautions to reduce their risk of mosquito bites and possible transmission of Zika.

  1. Travel Information

    Currently, Zika outbreaks are occurring in many countries and territories. Protect yourself and your family from Zika by carefully planning for a trip to a country affect by Zika.

  2. About Zika Virus

    The top 5 things everyone needs to know about Zika.

  3. Frequently Asked Questions

    View the most frequently asked questions related to the Zika virus.

  4. Prevention

    No vaccine exists to prevent Zika. The best prevention is personal vigilance and proactive habits to prevent mosquito bites.