Seasonal Information

  1. Barbecue Food Safety

    Cooking outdoors was once only a summer activity shared with family and friends. Now more than half of Americans say they are cooking outdoors year round. So whether the snow is blowing or the sun is shining brightly, it's important to follow food safety guidelines to prevent harmful bacteria from multiplying and causing food borne illness. Use these simple guidelines for grilling food safely.

  2. Pool Safety

    Whether you dog paddle or do an elegant backstroke, swimming can be fun and we all know it’s good for you. Also, when your muscles are tight and you’re tense, a nice sit in a spa or hot tub can be very relaxing. Water translates to fun, relaxation, and good exercise for many of us. In fact, did you know that people in the United States swim more than 300 million times in pools and other swimming areas each year?