Shelby County Medical Reserve Corps  

The MRC is currently recruiting for non-paid volunteer opportunities.

Why should I become an MRC volunteer?

Volunteers are the very heart of the Shelby County MRC. Communities benefit exponentially from MRC volunteers who are ready to respond for many reasons, but some volunteer for the MRC because:

  • By being a Shelby County MRC volunteer, you become recognized as a credentialed volunteer.
  • Volunteers also help the public throughout the year by augmenting existing public health efforts or providing emergency backup that would not otherwise be available.
  • It is personally fulfilling and satisfying to belong to a group of persons who have a strong sense of mission and purpose.

Are there any fees or costs to volunteer?

No. There are no fees, dues or other mandated costs to be a Shelby County MRC volunteer. 

Who volunteers for the MRC?

The MRC program seeks volunteers with various training and skill sets to assist with emergency preparedness and response efforts. Volunteers in the MRC program include:

  • Practicing, retired or otherwise employed medial professionals, such as doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians, pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians, behavioral health, nursing assistants, phlebotomists, medication aids, and others
  • Practicing, retired or otherwise employed public health professionals such as nurses, physicians, educators, epidemiologists, investigators, and others.
  • Community members such as retirees, parents, translators, educators, clergy, college students, managers, clerks, general laborers, military personnel and others.

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to volunteer?

No. United States citizenship is not required to be part of the MRC. Both citizens and non-citizens, legal U.S. residents who are over the age of 18, who do not hold specific felony convictions are welcome to volunteer.

Licensure verifications and criminal background checks will be completed on applicants.

Do I need medical skills to volunteer for the MRC?

No. The MRC program seeks non-medical volunteers to fulfill other important needs such as translation, computer assistance, clerical support, health education, stocking supplies, managing clinic flow, etc.

What kind of training will volunteers receive?

In most cases, training as an MRC volunteer focuses primarily on learning local emergency and health procedures, use of specialized equipment, incident command system, blood borne pathogen, CPR, and other training to enhance volunteer effectiveness and self-preparedness.

Need More Information?

  1. Check out more general MRC info here: 
  2. Check out eligibility and Shelby County MRC info (upload the handbook?)
  3. Go to the TN Vol Mobilizer site to learn more about TN MRCs and the application process
  4. Ready to apply?  Complete the application on TN Vol Mobilizer and the Shelby County interest form (failure to complete the Shelby co form results in me not getting notified a person has applied)
  5. Not sure if you’re ready to apply? Email for prospective MRC applicant questions