Perinatal Hepatitis B Program

Program Strategies
  • Prenatal Identification of Cases (HBs-Ag Positive Women)
  • Management of Cases and At-Risk Contacts
  • Management of Infants
  • Promote Population-Based Strategies to Reduce HBV
  • Improve PHBP Program Effectiveness Over Time

Patient Eligibility for Program Services
Hepatitis B-positive pregnant women, their babies (before and after birth), and at-risk contacts are eligible to receive services under the PHBP Program. 

Services Provided
  • Case identification and education
  • Visits to HBs-Ag-positive women and at-risk contacts for health education and case management services
  • Referral to the health department or medical providers for screening and immunization or advice to seek medical management, if infected
  • HBV education of the public and healthcare providers
  • Periodic evaluation of hospital and laboratory practices and polices
  1. Beverly Townes, RN

    Perinatal Hepatitis B Program Coordinator

  2. Darlene Ward

    Clerical Specialist

  3. Immunization Program

    Physical Address
    814 Jefferson Avenue
    Memphis, TN 38105

    Mailing Address
    814 Jefferson Avenue
    Memphis, TN 38105