Cool Five

Five cool tips to reduce ozone/air pollution in Shelby County:

  1. Share the Ride (Carpool, use public transportation, bike, or even walk! It saves money and reduces pollution levels.)
  2. Link the Trips (When driving, do all of your errands in a row instead of returning home in between. Saves money, gas, and reduces pollution.)
  3. Stop at the Click (When refueling the gas tank in your car, do not top off after the click. It harms your car and increases pollution levels!)
  4. Don’t Idle Your Car (You can reduce pollution levels by avoiding drive-through lines and shutting your engine off if waiting for more than 30 seconds.)
  5. Mow When the Sun is Low (Gasoline lawn mowers are much dirtier than automobiles. Mow after 7pm to reduce ozone levels in the summer.)