COVID-19 Data Dashboard


Please note: Data updates are done weekly on Wednesday, covering the previous Sunday - Saturday.

The Shelby County Health Department is committed to providing our community with the most accurate information about Coronavirus Disease 2019, known as COVID-19.

Please note, this data is preliminary and subject to change.

The federal Public Health Emergency expired on May 11, 2023. As a result, negative COVID-19 test results are no longer required to be reported.  We will review and remove affected data such as percent positivity and negative test numbers over the next couples of weeks.

The Shelby County Health Department's data dashboard provides the most up-to-date data available for Shelby County including:

COVID-19 Cases

Includes data reporting total confirmed COVID-19 cases, test performed, total deaths, and positivity rate. 

Due to NBS system maintenance performed by Tennessee Department of Health throughout September 2023, some delay in case reporting may occur. NBS system is expected to return to normal operation as of October 2023.



COVID-19 Case and Fatality Demographics

Includes data reporting COVID-19 cases and fatalities by age, sex, race and ethnicity. 



COVID-19 Geographic Data

Includes data reporting COVID-19 testing rate and case rate by zip code. Some zip codes are grouped together for patient confidentiality purposes. 



COVID-19 Vaccination Data

Data on COVID-19 vaccinations to date in Shelby County. 

Due to the Federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Declaration ending on May 11,2023, the Shelby County COVID-19 vaccine report will be temporarily suspended until further notice.



Shelby County Hospitalization Data 

The most recent available Hospital Utilization Data can be found on the CDC website.

As of Saturday, November 18, 2023:


New COVID-19 hospital admissions per 100,000 population (7-day ) are calculated using data from the MMWR week (Sun-Sat). 

New Hospital Admissions of Confirmed COVID-19, Past Week (7-day): 51

Percentage change in Hospital Admissions from Previous week: 21.4%

New COVID-19 Hospital Admissions per 100,000 Population, past week (7-day) : 3.8

A link to Hospital Admission Data for Shelby County can be found on the CDC link:


This section will be updated as the latest data becomes available.

Page Updated 11/28/23