What is Lead Poisoning?

Lead poisoning is a disease that can cause serious health problems, such as brain and kidney damage, coma, and even death. You should be concerned if your child tests at even a low level; any lead level in the blood is a concern. Even small blood lead levels can lead to learning problems and hyperactivity.

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1. What is Lead?
2. What is Lead Poisoning?
3. What are Sources of Lead Poisoning?
4. What are the Signs and Symptoms of Lead Poisoning?
5. Who is at Risk?
6. What are the Health Effects of Lead?
7. How Do I Get my Child Tested for Lead Poisoning?
8. How Much Does It Cost to Get my Child Tested for Lead Poisoning?
9. How Do I Get my Home or Building Tested?
10. What are Some Tips for Lead Poisoning Prevention?